Backchannelmedia Continues Forward Progress

Point-and-Click Ad Firm Partners with Two More Stations
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Backchannelmedia, the Boston-based firm that developed interactive triggers that can be inserted in broadcast-TV programming to let viewers click to receive promotional information in a Web portal, reached agreements with two more broadcast stations -- WJAR Providence, R.I., and WMUR Manchester, N.H. -- to test its technology.

The deals were not unexpected. Media General-owned WJAR told B&C last month that it was in discussions with Backchannelmedia, while WMUR’s fellow Hearst-Argyle Television station, WCVB Boston, was the first call-letter station to test the technology.

The deployments will initially test usage of the Backchannelmedia system in a select number of homes equipped with custom Backchannelmedia set-tops programmed to receive the triggers.

“We are always looking for ways to improve the viewing experience of our audience and new ways to serve our advertisers,” said Jeff Bartlett, WMUR-TV president and general manager, in a statement. “We plan to accomplish both by using new technology and taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the digital transition. Backchannelmedia is developing that new technology.”

Backchanneledia’s long-term goal is to incorporate its technology into standard cable and satellite set-tops. However, major cable operators are working on their own interactive advertising system through a new company, Canoe Ventures, and satellite operator Dish Network struck a deal to provide advertising triggers for NBC Universal.