Autonomy Releases New Video Detection Tool


Virage, a division of Autonomy Corporation, has announced Automatic Copyright Infringement Detection (ACID), a new tool for detecting copyrighted rich media online.

Without relying on watermarking Virage's ACID claims to be able to scan content for copyrighted materials in real-time regardless of format or code. The company says its patented video and audio analysis technologies will be able to even detect when just the audio or video of a file are infringing on a client's copyright.

The company intends its new software to be used especially by the growing list of companies who host user-generated video.

Detecting copyrighted videos on networks is of growing importance to popular Websites like MySpace and YouTube. While News Corp.'s social network is testing detection software from Audible Magic  Google's video-sharing site was recently sued by Viacom in part for not introducing scanning capabilities fast enough.

Virage already sells technology for capturing, encoding and indexing media content to companies ranging from the BBC and Credit Suisse First Boston to NYU and the CNN.