Attention Hispanic Shoppers

Keynote presentation offers mall as marketers' El Dorado at Sixth Annual Hispanic Television Summit

Hispanic shoppers make an average 11.1 trips to the mall in a three month period—2.3 more trips than non-Hispanic shoppers. They spend an average 98 minutes per trip (compared to 80 minutes for non-Hispanics), are 10% more likely to visit with children and spend an average $117 per trip—$22 more than the average for non-Hispanics.

In short, said Robin Blunt, VP of promotions and retailer marketing for mall owner Simon Property Group, which collected the statistics, “what is not to like about the Hispanic community?”

Delivering a keynote presentation on attracting Hispanic shoppers at the Sixth Annual Hispanic Television Summit in New York (click here for completer coverage), Blunt touted the mall space as a marketer’s dream, offering opportunities for splashy branding campaigns and partnerships on events. And while he did not touch on how those marketing opportunities might intersect with Hispanic media, Blunt’s presentation demonstrated the increased attention marketers are devoting to reaching Hispanic consumers.

Presenting a series of archetypal shoppers, Blunt identified two, known as “Marcia” and “Olivia,” who represent different types of Hispanic consumers. Whereas Marcia is a “more sophisticated Hispanic shopper, who watches CNN and CNBC, and shops at more upscale stores, “Olivia” is more conservative, religious and family-oriented, watches Fox News and shops at stores like Old Navy.

Referring to the statistics on mall-going behavior, Blunt declared the Hispanic community “a terrific constituency to market to.”