AT&T to Test ReplayTV


AT&T Broadband and ReplayTV will start a joint marketing trial of ReplayTV's personal video recorder (PVR) system to AT&T digital cable subscribers in Boston and Denver later this month.

The ReplayTV devices, which will be standard ReplayTV units with AT&T branding, will be marketed directly to AT&T customers at a "special offer" price, according to ReplayTV Vice President of Business Development M3 Sweatt. The units will be sold to up to 5,000 customers in each market for use with their existing Motorola DCT-2000 digital set-tops.

"We hope to mutually gain insight as to how the ReplayTV system adds value to digital subscriptions and impacts the retention and satisfaction of individual customers," says Sweatt. ReplayTV is also involved in PVR trials with Time Warner Cable and Comcast and has formed a joint venture with Charter Communications, Motorola and Vulcan Ventures to integrate PVR functionality into cable set-tops.