AT&T Still Reviewing Connecticut Court Decision


An AT&T spokesman says that the company is reviewing a recent Connecticut court decision that it is a cable service subject to cable franchise rules, but that it will continue to operate and expand its IPTV-based video service in the state.

The Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) had ruled that AT&T's service was an information service and not subject to the same franchise requirements as traditional cable services.

AT&T spokesman Michael Balmoris points out that the DPUC decision was based on Connecticut law that has since been changed--with the passage of a state franchise reform bill that helps telcos like AT&T roll out video service.

While the company's lawyers are still going over the decision, Balmoris says, AT&T continues to offer its U-Verse service to over 20 cities and towns in the state, and "looks forward to expanding its service in the months to come."