ATAS hopes to stem Cali flight

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The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is asking members to write their
state legislators and urge passage of a bill that would try to stem the flight
of production out of California to cheaper venues like Canada.

According to the Academy's Runaway Production Committee, seven of 10 U.S. TV
movies and miniseries were produced outside of the United States and only 16 percent were
produced in California.

In what it calls its first leadership position on a political issue, the
academy plans to put the "runaway production" issue "front and center" in
Washington, D.C., as well, where it says it is already aggressively lobbying.

The California bill would give TV and film companies a 15 percent tax credit
on salaries for shows produced in California.

It has passed the assembly, but to become law it still must make it out of
committee in the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee, be passed in the Senate,
then be signed by the governor.