ATAS adds two new categories


The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has voted to add two new
categories to its award roster to accommodate the reality-TV craze: one for
outstanding nonfiction writing and another for outstanding nonfiction directing.

The association is also revising its descriptions of reality programming.

It now will have four separate definitions for nonfiction programming.

\u0007 "Nonfiction series (traditional)" covers documentary-style shows.

\u0007 "Nonfiction special (traditional)" includes one-time only entries, such as
all of the special programming that aired commemorating Sept. 11 or a Bill
Moyers special on PBS.

\u0007 "Nonfiction programming (alternative)" includes nonfiction programming with
no game element such as The Real World, The Osbournes or
Trading Spaces.

\u0007 "Reality/competition programs" include all reality shows in which
participants can win money or prizes, such as Fear Factor, Joe
, Survivor, The Amazing Race and so on.

Writers and directors will each win one overall award for the entire
nonfiction category, which includes all four definitions.

Those two awards will be announced during the televised Emmy ceremony.

Special outstanding-program awards will be given to nonfiction shows in each
of the four definitions, which will be handed out during the creative-arts
ceremony preceding the Emmy telecast.

The academy made the decision at its board meeting Wednesday