The Associated Press Makes Its Video Viral


The Associated Press is taking its video viral.

Joining the ranks of an increasing number of media companies  ranging from Viacom to Dow Jones , the AP announced on Tuesday a partnership with “viral syndication network” Voxant to distribute its video content on the Internet.

Web surfers will now be able to not only find AP video content on Voxant’s website TheNewsroom, but will be able to embed those news clips on their own personal websites.

TheNewsroom “provides a vehicle for AP to allow non-traditional customers to post individual stories, photos and video clips while maintaining control over its intellectual property,” said Jane Seagrave, VP and director of AP Digital in a prepared statement.

In order to obtain the code necessary to embed videos users are required to provide a valid e-mail address to TheNewsroom.

Embedded TheNewsroom videos will carry short ads, called pre-rolls, before their content. Revenue from pre-roll ads is divided between Voxant and content providers on a deal-by-deal basis.

Voxant already has viral distribution deals in place with over 150 sources including Reuters and Agence France-Press.