Armed man tries to enter CBS


According to Reuters, Los Angeles police on Friday arrested a stagehand who
tried to drive a car packed with rifles, handguns and ammunition into a
television studio owned by CBS, police and network officials said.

It was the second security scare at the famed CBS Television City complex in
six weeks.

A CBS spokeswoman said the stagehand, who was not identified, was reporting
for work on a program being taped at the Los Angeles studio when he was stopped
at the gate by CBS security guards who did not recognize him and asked to search
his vehicle.

The search revealed numerous weapons in the trunk of the man's car, and
security guards 'detained him without incident' until police officers arrived on
the scene shortly afterward, the spokeswoman said.

CBS declined to say what show was being taped on the lot, but a source said
the program in question was 'American Idol,' a popular talent-search 'reality'
series that airs on the Fox network.

There were no reports of shots fired or injuries in the incident.

A Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said an assortment of rifles,
handguns and ammunition was found in the truck of the car.

The man was not identified.