Arbitron survey touts radio variety


A new Arbitron Inc. survey appears to provide ammunition for those pushing for
further media consolidation.

Almost eight in 10 listeners (79 percent) said there was at least as much
programming variety today as five years ago.

"Radio listeners are very pleased with the programming choices available to
them," Arbitron said in announcing the results.

More than one-third of respondents said they actually had more choice today.

"Contrary to the concern that some observers have expressed, more variety in
programming -- not less -- is available to radio listeners following the consolidation
that has taken place in the radio industry in recent years," Arbitron Radio
senior vice president and general manager Scott Musgrave said.

The study is drawn from a random telephone survey of 2,005 fall-2002 diary
keepers aged 12-plus.

Arbitron released a "teaser" on the study, and the exact wording of questions
was not included.

The full study, which was funded in-house, will be released later this