AP Video Was First on Bush Trip


Fox News Channel may have been lucky enough to man the U.S. television pool on President Bush’s secret trip to Iraq last Thursday but they weren’t the first organization to break the story or send out video of the trip. That honor goes to the Associated Press.

According to the AP, the organization’s video arm, APTN, was serving as the world-pool video camera and delivered the first video of the president 30 minutes ahead of the U.S. pool. The AP also said that White House Correspondent Terry Hunt filed the first news report of the visit from midair. Hunt’s report was quoted widely on TV news reports.

As a security precaution, journalists were not allowed to report the story until the visit was complete and Air Force One had departed Iraqi airspace.

APTN Senior Producer Jeff Schaeffer conducted a video interview with the Fox News crew that was used in TV reports across the country, the AP said.