AOL: You’ve Got Mobile


America Online today acquired software company Wildseed Ltd., a move that expands the AOL Wireless division and increases its stake in the mobile phone and wireless communications sector.

Wildseed, founded in 2000, supports Game Boy Advance-style games and MP3 and video playback for cellphones. "Data-related mobile technologies are on the cusp of mainstream adoption,” said John McKinley, chief technology officer and president, digital services, America Online. “The wireless industry is focused on bringing additional rich media experiences and a new generation of interactive services to the mobile consumer, and we are committed to being a leader in that arena.”

AOL says the wireless division will be led by Craig Eisler. Wildseed employees and operations will be integrated into AOL’s current Seattle offices. Wildseed's CEO Eric Engstrom will become AOL Wireless’ senior VP for wireless products.