AOL getting more musical


America Online unwrapped new music initiatives on Monday as a prelude to the fall launch of its MusicNet subscription venture with two major recording labels.

AOL revealed two new offerings, the Artist Discovery Network and Radio@AOL. Artist Discovery presents in-depth artist information, genre-based "listening lounges," and localized content to AOL Local's music pages. Artist Discovery Network will feature content from major and independent record labels including Arista, Ark 21, Atlantic, Dreamworks, Elektra, Grand Royal, J Records, Priority, RCA, RLG, TVT and Warner Bros. Radio@AOL will provide news, information and entertainment, as well as AOL exclusive programming, including an interactive weekly countdown show.

The initiatives announced today extend AOL Music's own leading properties - the AOL Music Channel, SpinnerTM and WinampTM - which together are visited by nearly 25 million different users each month. - Richard Tedesco