Anti-noncompete bill advances in Ariz.


A bill that would outlaw noncompete clauses in broadcasting contracts
cleared a second hurdle in the Arizona legislature, winning a 17-8 vote.

The bill had easily cleared committee earlier last month.

As a largely Republican and right-to-work state, Arizona would be a far more
unusual place for such a law than Massachusetts, where the American Federation
of Radio and Television Artists won its first victory against noncompete

But Republican Sen. Scott Bundgaard, not AFTRA, has taken the lead so

'It's certainly not politics as we've known them,' said lobbyist Art Brooks
of the Arizona Broadcasters Association, which opposes the legislation.

Brooks said his group will continue its efforts against
the bill in the state's House.

AFTRA is backing the bill with the lobbying support of Hugh Downs, who
lives in Arizona.