Another Republican Concerned About Title II On September Agenda

Louisiana congressman says FCC should not rush the process

House Republican has expressed concern that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is
going to put title reclassification of broadband on the FCC's Sept. 16 public
meeting agenda.

there were rumors to that effect--a spokesman for the chairman had no
comment--Rep. Steve Scalese (R-La.) said he did not believe the FCC should
reclassify broadband, but that it should definitely not rush the process,
adding that he thought a targeted legislative solution was preferable. That
came at a House subcommittee hearing on online privacy.

was echoing the concerns of Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) of the day before, who was
also in the room at the Thursday hearing and echoed that echo, saying that with
the August recess coming up, September would be too soon for Congress, and
would not give the FCC enough time to consider public comments--8,000 pages
worth--since that deadline was Aug. 12.