Another Four-Letter Flub at NBC


NBC seems to be snakebit by enthusiastic athletes in post-victory interviews.

First there was NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., whose four-letter s-word in a post-race interview Oct. 3 prompted an apology from the network and a five-second delay for NASCAR.

Then, this past Saturday, Pitt quarterback Tyler Palko dropped an F-word into his post-game interview with NBC Sports sideline reporter Lewis Johnson when he said  "I'm so proud of our F-ing football team, man we were awesome."

The Parents Television Council is looking into the Pitt incident but has not yet decided whether to file a complaint with the FCC. It filed a complaint against NBC over the NASCAR S-word Oct. 14.

Palko's word choice may have been unfortunate, but his enthusiasm was understandable given that he had just thrown five touchdown passes to bring his team from behind against Notre Dame.

Play-by-play announcer Tom Hammond immediately apologized for "Palko's language in the heat of the moment after that brilliant game he had. Too bad it was marred by that moment." Hammond apologized again before he went off the air.

Will NBC be adding a five-second delay for college football. The guess here is yes, though NBC wasn't commenting. It will have some time to think about it. This was its last regular-season game, though it does have the Gator Bowl Jan. 1