Andromeda shines


Tribune's spaceship drama, Gene Roddenberry's
, has gone where other first-run rookie action efforts
have not gone before.

With the "it's still early" caveat,
nonetheless scored a second-week 2.3/5 for the period
ended Oct. 13, topping with ease Columbia TriStar's
(1.4/4), Western Syndication International's The Immortal (1.2/3) and Paramount/Mercury
Entertainment's Queen of Swords (1.2/3).

Besides posting one of the stronger opening performances for a freshman
first-run (at press time Twentieth's court strip Power
of Attorney
was the only other to crack a 2), Andromeda is even with its year-ago time-period
average, though down 4% from its averaged lead-in (2.4/5).

"We are encouraged by the first couple of weeks of Andromeda," says Marc Schacher, vice president of
programming for Tribune Broadcasting, whose stations form the show's primary
launch pad. "Will all [the new action efforts] succeed? Probably not, but it
looks like ours will. But I don't want to say too much, because I'm

Schacher also says that it's "an advantage having the launch group right
there," acknowledging his leg up on other series, like
, with no immediate station group attached.

It's not all clear skies for
, however. Its second week was 12% off its 2.6/6 debut. But
it wasn't alone. Sheena was down 18% down
from its 1.7/5 premiere, plus its week-two numbers were 26% lower than its
1.9/5 lead-in and 22% down from its 1.8/5 year-ago average. While
The Immortal
shot up 33% from its 0.9/3 opening, its most recent
showing was 14% below its 1.4/4 lead-in and 40% under its 2.0/6 year-ago
mark. Queen of Swords fell 20% from its
1.5/3 premiere, and for week two was 20% off its 1.5/3 lead-in and 25% off the
1.6/4 year-ago time-period average .