Andrea Thompson joins Court TV

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Former NYPD Blue star and CNN Headline News anchor Andrea Thompson is
returning to television.

Thompson, who abandoned her Headline gig abruptly in March, is joining Court TV to
host a retooled Saturday-night block.

Thompson will be featured in wraparound spots buffering two Forensic
episodes and a one-hour documentary.

Court TV's new Saturday-night block, dubbed "Follow Your Intuition,"
kicks off June 8.

Perry Mason movies have been airing on Saturday nights.

The Saturday prime time schedule actually mirrors Court TV's weekday-evening

Thompson will also do promotional work for Court TV (the channel airs
off-nets of NYPD Blue).

Thompson left the ABC drama for a career in broadcast journalism.

After a brief stint as a reporter in Albuquerque, N.M., she joined Headline in
2001 and, after the network's ballyhooed relaunch last August, she anchored a prime
time segment.