And your opinion, Sen. Burns?


So just how does Sen. Conrad Burns (R-Mont.), a member of the Senate
Communications Subcommittee, feel about TV's coverage of the war in Iraq?

It was hard to tell from comments made by Paxson Communications Corp. head Bud
Paxson and Hubbard Broadcasting Inc. head Stan Hubbard at the National Association of Broadcasters' convention Monday.

Speaking at a freewheeling panel session, they were asked what they thought of
the war coverage.

Paxson answered by noting that he had cocktails with Burns and Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.)
the other night and they both indicated that they get briefed by the Pentagon "every
morning at 9 a.m."

As a result, Burns feels that watching the coverage on TV, as related by Paxson
"is a waste of time."

But Hubbard then countered that he heard Burns at an NAB breakfast meeting
where Hubbard said Burns had nothing but praise for the coverage.

"The TV industry should be congratulated for all of this wonderful coverage,"
was what Hubbard remembered Burns saying.

Hubbard said he thought the coverage was "fantastic."