ANA Takes Aim At Ad Report


The push to get government to crack down on advertising to children to aid in the fight against childhood obesity got a boost from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which Monday said in a policy statement that such ads should be limited by Congress and the FCC.

The report also recommended Congress ban cigarette and tobacco advertising in all media. It has already recommended banning all alcohol advertising.

Responding to the report from the AAP's Committee on Communications, Dan Jaffe of the Association of National Advertisers blogged that the "rehashes discredited claims" and is "Reflexively and relentlessly negative."

Jaffe says the ad industry "stands ready to discuss advertising issues" with anybody who is interested in talking. The industry has already pledged self-regulatory measures to balance snack and fast food messages with those for healthy diets. But Jaffe said that the AAP report is not a starting point for such a discussion, calling it "misguided supposition and finger pointing."

In addition to the industry self-reg, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin and Senator Sam Brownback have formed a task force to get government and the media together to look for ways to address childhood obesity and the effects of marketing.