ANA Calls for Brand-Specific Ad Ratings

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The Association of National Advertiser's TV Advertising Committee (ANA) issued a paper Monday calling on the TV research industry to institute brand-specific TV commercial ratings. They explained that marketing executives are under increasing pressure to "justify and evaluate their media investments."

Andrew Jung, Senior Director of Advertising and Media services at Kellogg says that his industry needs ratings based on individual commercials.

The ANA is calling on the ad industry, researchers and media to work together to make it happen.

Current ad ratings are based on the ratings of the program in which they appear, but ANA wants "more granular data."

"Serving as a copy testing tool to identify the stronger and weaker executions within a commercial, enabling advertisers to pull (or fix) weaker spots and heavy up on stronger ones," they said. 

Some changes they would like to see: 

-Functioning as an indicator for commercial wear out.

-Providing a better understanding of impact differences related to such factors as pod position, length of creative, and national versus local placement.

-Establishing the value of in-program and in-game features and sponsorships.

-Helping marketers understand how DVR usage habits impact all of the above.