Amish Not Amiss, But A Hit

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UPN entertainment President Dawn Ostroff is feeling vindicated by viewers and critics for her support of once-controversial reality show Amish in the City.

The show, which provoked some outrage on Capitol Hill and Lancaster, Pa., before it aired, has scored solid ratings and calmed critics since.

Six episodes into the 10-episode run, the show has averaged four million viewers, half of them 18-49. That’s a great number for UPN, which has been in something of a ratings revival ever since the success of America’s Next Top Model.

Republican Rep. Joe Pitts, whose Pennsylvania district includes 20,000 Amish and who initially blasted the show premise as “offensive and exploitative,” has not sustained the attacks.

Says Ostroff: “Everybody got heated about it without seeing it.”  Amish, midway through its run, is being prepped for a second season.