Ameriquest Tops Tivo'd Bowl Ads


Ameriquest’s "Friendly Skies" Super Bowl ad was the most replayed spot in TiVo households during Sunday’s broadcast, according to company data from more than 10,000 TiVo households.

The spot featured a female airline passenger falling on top of a sleeping man as she tries to step over him to leave her seat without waking him.

According to Tivo, Ameriquest also had the second-most replayed ad, a spot in which two doctors talk about killing a mosquito just as a patient’s family member enters the room. Both spots ran as part of the company’s "Don’t Judge" campaign.

The TiVo study also said that the two most-replayed football plays from the game were a controversial touchdown run by Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Pittsburgh’s trick play touchdown in which wide receiver Antwaan Randle El threw to Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward.

The study also said the average TiVo household hit the replay, pause, or rewind buttons an average of 100 times during the broadcast.

The top 10 most-replayed ads in TiVo households, according to the company’s numbers:

1. Ameriquest Friendly Skies
2. Ameriquest That Killed Him
3. Budweiser Streaking Sheep
4. Fed Ex Caveman
5. Michelob Touch Football
6. Bud Light Hidden Bud Lights
7. Sierra Mist Kathy Griffin
8. Bud Light Bear Attack
9. Aleve Leonard Nimoy
10. Bud Light Revolving Wall