AMC to Play Charades


AMC has picked up six half-hour episodes of Celebrity Charades, a game show executive-produced by actor/director Bob Balaban from Accomplice Films, a venture from husband-and-wife actors Chad Lowe and Hilary Swank.

The show, the first offering from the Rainbow-owned cable network this upfront season, will air as a special on five consecutive nights beginning June 20.

Charades will feature two, five-person, teams of celebrities who will play the game to raise money for individually chosen charities and mingle with each other over dinner in between rounds.

Lowe and Balaban will alternate as hosts and play along with guests, who will huddle in "secret rooms" about how to act out movie-related clues.

The first team to guess ten charades and the theme that links them wins. Viewers will see a running tally and trivia related to the clues on the bottom of the screen.

Cablevision-owned Rainbow Media Entertainment also owns IFC and WE: Women’s