AMC Launches Yeah! On iPad

New app for streaming movie service includes interactive content and backstories to films

AMC Networks launched a new iPad app for its Yeah! streaming movie service on Dec. 19.

The app for the service, which was launched earlier this year, offers a wide variety of interactive features and additional content, including exclusive interviews with filmmakers and stars, facts about the film, interactive polling and IMDB links that can be accessed while the film is streaming. Generally, the app has about 400-500 of these elements per film.

“Given AMC's commitment on-air and online to curating the best movies of all time, Yeah!’s streaming movies and curated content are a natural next step,” said AMC president Charlie Collier in a statement. “Yeah! is the latest in AMC's commitment to providing audiences with high-quality, ground-breaking programming experiences.”

“The launch of the Yeah! app provides the most immersive movie watching experience available, [giving] film fans the power to go deeper into their favorite movies than ever before, virtually anytime and anywhere,” added Lisa Judson, GM of the service in a statement. “With Yeah!, we aimed to re-invent the streaming experience from lean back to lean in, with a richness and depth previously unavailable in any medium.”

As part of the app launch on Dec. 19, actor Michael Rooker of The Walking Dead fame, has been enlished for an “Anti-Social Holiday” campaign on TV and the web. The campaign will culminate in a Yeah!-sponsored New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day marathon of The Walking Dead episodes on AMC.

Filmmakers and stars who have recently been interviewed to create the exclusive versions of their films include: directors Richard Donner, Rob Reiner, Wes Craven, Catherine Hardwicke, Kevin Smith and Francis Lawrence as well as actors Michael Madsen, Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed, Bruce Campbell, Miranda Cosgrove, Ellen Burstyn and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.