floats anti-discrimination rules


Beefing up its June call for Internet rules barring cable companies and
other broadband-infrastructure operators from blocking access to unaffiliated
content providers, Inc. ( has submitted a plan
to the Federal Communications Commission. said cable companies and other infrastructure owners should be
barred from impairing consumer access to Internet content or sites. Internet
providers carried by the network owner, however, could impose impairments so
long as the network is also open to three or more unaffiliated Internet-access

If the network owner chooses not to open its network to other Internet
providers, then it would be barred from impairing consumer access.

Media Access Project president Andrew Schwartzman -- an advocate of access
rules requiring cable companies to offer unaffiliated providers -- said's idea is "insufficient." But he predicted that some Internet-content
providers might find the plan acceptable.

Still, he's encouraged that momentum is building for some type of Internet
anti-discrimination rule.