Amazon Boosts Holiday TV Spending By 76%

MediaRadar says Walmart, Sears, Nordstrom, Kohl's reduced budgets

Online giant Amazon boosted its TV spending during the Christmas shopping season more than any of the other top eight retailers included in a new study by ad tracker MediaRadar. Half of the big retailers reduced their TV spending as holidays approached, while increasing the digital efforts.

Amazon increased TV spending by 76% in October and November. It also boosted its digital spending by 224%, while cutting print 10%.

Target’s TV spending rose 54%. Its digital spending rose 161% and print edged up 4%.

J.C. Penney boosted its TV spending by 49%. Penney reduced digital spending by 7% and gave print a 17% haircut.

Macy’s increased its TV spending by 20% and its digital spending by 43%. It hacked its print spending by 24%.

Sears slashed its TV spending by 53%. It also cut online spending by 72% and print by 5%.

Nordstrom also lowered its spending in all three monitored media, cutting TV by 45%, digital by 28% and print by 23%.

Walmart’s TV’s spending dropped 10%. The company increased its digital advertising by 170%. Print was down 15%.

Kohl’s appeared to shift money from TV and digital to print. TV was down 7% and digital was slashed 58%, but print spending jumped 59%.

“Most retailers are reducing print spend while focusing on other channels, like linear TV and digital,” said Todd Krizelman, CEO & cofounder of MediaRadar. “Online ad spend, however, saw some of the biggest increases percentage-wise. This is driven by shifting consumption and shopping patterns among holiday consumers.”