AMA pushes for dry NBC


The American Medical Association is stepping up its campaign to get NBC to
reverse its decision to allow hard-liquor ads.

A full-page ad in The New York Times Wednesday read in part: 'A
message to parents from the American Medical Association. Warning: Watching NBC
can be hazardous to your children's health.'

The 'warning' was boxed off, like the warnings on packs of cigarettes, and
superimposed on the screen of a TV monitor.

By dropping the 55-year ban on such TV ads, the AMA message continued, NBC
'is guaranteeing that our children and teens will be bombarded with such
advertising throughout their formative years.'

The health and safety risks of alcohol consumption by young people,
'including death, are well established,' the ad said.

Kids and teens watch roughly 1,000 hours of TV per year, and 25 percent of
American families have TV sets in children's bedrooms, the association

The AMA went on to praise CBS and ABC for continuing to set the right example
and not accepting hard-liquor ads. 'Please,' the ad asks NBC management, 'don't
trade our kids for cash.'

There was no comment from NBC at the time of this posting.