ALTV board votes to close


The Association of Local Television Stations' (ALTV) board of directors voted
Thursday to pull the plug on the organization, sources said.

The board still has to decide how to disband and what to do with the
approximately $1 million left in the group's coffers.

The death watch began when Viacom Inc. bought CBS last year, swallowing up
the Paramount Stations Group's 19 stations, and when News Corp. bought
Chris-Craft Industries Inc.'s 10 stations last summer for $4.4 billion.

After those deals were closed, the groups left ALTV, leaving it with a
significant financial problem.

Earlier in 2001, Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. dropped out, although it never
had all of its 63 TV stations in membership.

Without those station groups, only Tribune Broadcasting and Paxson
Communications Corp. remained as large members, and that was not enough to
sustain the association.