Allbritton Taps Washington Post Editors


Allbritton has tapped two top Washington Post political editor/reporters for its new political news venture, which will also get exposure on CBS TV via an exclusive deal with the network.

Post political editor John Harris and national political editor Jim VandeHei will head up an editorial team for both Allbritton's new Capitol Hill newspaper, The Capitol Leader, as well as an online "one-stop-shop" for political news.

Allbritton is combining the resources of Harris, VandeHei and their staffers with the resources of its WJLA-TV Washington and its NewsChannel 8 cable news operation.

There is also an exclusive deal with CBS, according to Allbritton, in which stories and interviews--plus regular features--airing on Face the Nation, The Early Show, and CBS Radio. Also look for some contributions to Evening News as the next election cycle approaches.

"We at CBS News are excited to be part of this new approach," said CBS News President Sean McManus, saying that adding the Allbritton resources "will help make CBS News the best source on television, radio, and the Web for smart political reporting."

So, is this outsourcing some of CBS' political coverage. No, says CBS News spokesperson Sandy Genelius.  They will primarily be providing analysis, she says. "We have top notch political reporters in Gloria Borger and Bob Schieffer, she says. "Noone is taking Sharyl Attkisson's job as Capitol Hill reporter," she adds. CBS has always had political analysts and [Harris and VandeHei, and likely others] will fill that role for us," she says.