All Letterman, all the time

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Cable channel Trio will air 53 straight hours of The Late Show with David Letterman
reruns over the long Thanksgiving weekend in what it is billing as a "Give
Thanks to Dave" marathon. (Letterman reruns launch on Trio as a regular series
Jan. 2).

The channel commissioned a Harris poll that concluded that after Johnny
Carson (37 percent), Letterman (18 percent) was TV's all-time greatest late-night talk-show host, edging out Jay Leno with 15 percent of respondents. The
late Steve Allen came in fourth with 6 percent, but Allen, Arsenio Hall (5 percent),
Conan O'Brien (4 percent) and Jack Parr (2 percent) were all beaten by "none of the
above" (7 percent).

What, no write-in vote for Dick Cavett?