All Letterman, all the time


Cable channel Trio will air 53 straight hours of The Late Show with David Letterman
reruns over the long Thanksgiving weekend in what it is billing as a "Give
Thanks to Dave" marathon. (Letterman reruns launch on Trio as a regular series
Jan. 2).

The channel commissioned a Harris poll that concluded that after Johnny
Carson (37 percent), Letterman (18 percent) was TV's all-time greatest late-night talk-show host, edging out Jay Leno with 15 percent of respondents. The
late Steve Allen came in fourth with 6 percent, but Allen, Arsenio Hall (5 percent),
Conan O'Brien (4 percent) and Jack Parr (2 percent) were all beaten by "none of the
above" (7 percent).

What, no write-in vote for Dick Cavett?