Al Jazeera Int'l Taps Vizrt


When it debuts in early 2006, Al Jazeera International will use Vizrt’s HD graphics package in its Doha, London, Kuala Lumpur and Washington broadcast centers.

Nigel Parsons, managing director for the channel, says the the package will help Al Jazeera International generate a large volume of high-quality graphics, thanks to its template-based workflow and map system.
“Our designers can generate genuinely original animations because the more routine graphics are derived from pre-designed templates,” Parsons says.
News producers in any of the broadcast centers will be able to share work via graphics file servers at each location that mirror the others.
Emir Sheikh Hamad founded the Qatar-based, Arab-language network Al Jazeera in 1996. With Al Jazeera International, the organization is planning the first 24-hour English-language international news network headquartered in the Middle East.
The channel will a separate staff and editorial autonomy from its Arab counterpart.