Al Jazeera delisted


The New York Stock Exchange has revoked credentials of two reporters for Arab
TV network Al Jazeera whose coverage of the war in Iraq has sparked considerable

The network reported that it had received a letter informing it that it can
no longer present its reports from the exchange.

The NYSE's explanation: It needs more space for networks to whom investors
regularly turn for information.

Al Jazeera attributed the revocation instead to its coverage of the war in

The Arab network has frequently been the subject of controversy, never more
so than this week, after it broadcast footage from Iraqi state television that
included grotesque images of apparently slain U.S. soldiers.

Knowledgeable sources not sympathetic to Al Jazeera suggested that the
network might not be far off base in its take on the exchange's reasoning.

The network has been covering the exchange about four years, the NYSE confirmed.

No other credentials have been revoked for space-saving so far, although a
couple of news organizations have been turned away in the past several months, a
spokesman for the exchange said.