Akimbo Gets Frank


Internet video-on-demand firm Akimbo Systems has tapped media and advertising veteran Thomas F. Frank as its new president and CEO, replacing Josh Goldman.

Goldman, a tech entrepreneur who has served as Akimbo CEO since the company's formation in 2004, will continue to be involved in Akimbo and will retain his seat on the Akimbo board. Last year, Goldman helped Akimbo, an aggregator of brand-name and specialty video content, strike deals with AT&T, to provide programming to AT&T's Homezone service, as well as RCA, which agreed to manufacture a set-top box that delivers Akimbo content from the Internet to TV sets. He also helped Akimbo raise some $15 million in new financing from Cisco, Blueprint Ventures and AT&T.

Frank has previously worked at Real Networks, Dick Clark Productions, Leo Burnett Company and Carolco Television, and most recently headed a consulting firm providing strategic guidance to emerging Internet companies as well as established digital media companies.

“Akimbo’s content delivery innovations make this company the most exciting professional opportunity I have come across since I helped to build out the video streaming business as COO of Real Networks,” said Frank in a statement. “Josh has built a strong foundation, taking Akimbo to the forefront of the market, creating groundbreaking partnerships on both the content and distribution sides of the VOD business.”