Air One for the Gipper


Turner Classic Movies aired a 24-hour festival June 10 to celebrate the films of Ronald Reagan.

The 15 films included the late President's favorites King's Row and Desperate Journey, but not one of his most famous roles, that of George Gipp in Knute Rockne All American, which was extensively excerpted last week all over the dial.

Why the omission, since TNT owns rights to the movie? Seems TCM sublicensed it to HBO until Sept. 30. At first, HBO staffers denied having the movie, but eventually found it had been farmed out to OuterMax, one of co-owned Cinemax's multiplexed diginets.

Meanwhile, the Gipper will be back on TCM in time for October, when Reagan is still scheduled to be Star of the Month (a scheduling that pre-dated his death).

By contrast, TMC rival American Movies Classics was only able to offer up an "AMC Remembers" graphic last week since it has no Reagan films in its library.

Oh, and prompted by the inquiry, Cinemax has decided to air Knute Rockne All American June 17.