Agencies Seek Better VOD Ad Measure


The American Association of Advertising Agencies is trying to get a better handle on how to measure ad viewing in video-on-demand content that viewers can control.

The 4As, meeting in Orlando, Fla., for its annual convention, released updated guidelines on judging the effectiveness of ads in on-demand content.

"The scope of on-demand content deployment will reshape both media delivery systems and the audience experience in ways that strain our current measurement structures," said the introduction to the new guidelines from the 4As Digital Video Innovation Committee.

An update on VOD guidelines drawn up in 2004, they now include portable on-demand media and are designed to bring specificity to VOD data gathering, compilation and reporting.

The 4As conference, which runs through March 3, is host this year to some 1,400 agency, advertiser and media attendees.

The event has historically not drawn big crowds from the TV networks. This year was no different, drawing a rebuke from 4As president/CEO O. Burtch Drake, who publicly chastised them for their low attendance.

The absence of TV networks was not absolute--ABC ad-sales chief Mike Shaw is there, for example--and did not equate to an absence of big names. They include Al Gore, analyst Tom Wolzien, Yahoo!'s Daniel Rosensweig, Comcast's Steve Burke, and Google's Tim Armstrong.