AFTRA calls for election in Chicago


The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists -- which is trying to
become the bargaining agent for NBC's Chicago Telemundo Communications Group
Inc. station, WSNS(TV) -- has asked the National Labor Relations Board to
oversee an election.

AFTRA said if it is designated by the election as the bargaining authority
for Telemundo employees, those workers will join the unit already representing
employees of NBC's WMAQ-TV Chicago.

The group added that it is ready to proceed with the election procedures
barring any legal challenges from NBC, which appear unlikely.

AFTRA has gotten resolutions and letters of support from community leaders
and, only this month, the Chicago City Council, but NBC has said it would not
recognize the union unless it was voted in under an NLRB-sanctioned

"We have said all along that we respect our employees' right to choose union
representation," NBC said Thursday. "We are pleased that AFTRA has finally
agreed to go through the established legal process. Had they filed this petition
eight months ago, this would have all been resolved."