Affiliates Agree to Retrans Cease-Fire

Boards of directors of ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC affiliate organizations agree to support month-long 'quiet period' in retransmission-consent negotiations.

The boards of directors of the ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC affiliate organizations agreed to support a month-long “quiet period” ensuring no disruption of local TV service in the weeks before and after the digital transition.

The affiliate boards agreed to keep their signals on cable, satellite and telco TV from Feb. 4-March 4.

Their proclamation comes on the heels of the National Association of Broadcasters’ television board of directors’ pledge to continue making local TV signals available on the platforms of pay TV companies.

"This pledge -- coupled with our unprecedented campaign to educate America on the DTV transition -- will minimize consumer confusion,” NAB television-board chairman and Barrington Broadcasting CEO K. James Yager said, “and help local broadcasters and government to achieve our joint objective of a seamless transition to the next generation of television."