AFA Takes Aim At NBC's Vegas


The American Family Association, which launched a letter-writing campaign against NBC’s now-canceled drama Book of Daniel, has taken aim at the network’s drama, Las Vegas.

The AFA, which several months ago revamped its Web site to make it easier to fiile FCC complaints, sent out an e-mail alert to members Friday morning asking them to complain about a scene in the show set in a Las Vegas strip club.

The e-mail included a clip of the scene showing the sort of bumping and grinding, though without the actual naughty-bits nudity, that would be found in a Las Vegas strip club.

The e-mail refers to "several new [FCC] commissioners who have spoken out about the content of some television programs. They have invited the public to send them their complaints."

The FCC has only one new commissioner--Deborah Tate--though a second has been nominated (and two have re-uped, Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Coppps). The commissiones were in Keller, Tex., Friday, for their monthly meeting and unavailable for comment at press time. Nobody was answering the phones at AFA’s Tupelo, Miss., headquarters.

Newly re-appointed commissioner Jonathan Adelstein has asked viewers to send in content complaints, but that was a call for examples of unidentified product placements, which Adelstein says he has actually received examples of.

Tate did weigh in on indecency at the FCC's meeting Friday on video competition, saying that competition had not solved the content issue. She talked up tiering and a la carte efforts by cable, but said they were only first steps.The Parents Television Council has led the way in rallying members to flood the FCC with indecency complaints over shows that offend them. But in the wake of PTC’s success, AFA has vowed to ramp up its complaints, including putting calls for action in chuch bulletins.