AFA Ramps Up Daniel Diss


The American Family Association, which last week called on its members to e-mail complaints to NBC over midseason drama, The Book of Daniel, isn't stopping there.

On Friday the group sent out another e-mail alert saying it had identified 10 potential sponsors of the show--it did not say how it had identified them--and asking members to boycott them.

The Book of Daniel, which debuts Friday, Jan. 6, at 9, up against the time period debut of ABC's new procedural drama, In Justice, is about prescription pain killer-addicted Episcopalian minister Daniel Webster (Aidan Quinn) with a gay son, a troubled daughter, a wife with a fondness for midday martinis and a habit of chatting with Jesus.

AFA said that NBC was going ahead with the show "Despite receiving nearly a half-million emails."  An NBC spokesperson called that figure "greatly exaggerated," peggin it at more like "a couple of thousand."
The network also released a statement saying: "The Book of Daniel is a fictional drama about an Episcopalian priest's family and the contemporary issues with which they must grapple. We're confident that once audiences view this quality drama themselves, they'll appreciate this thought-provoking examination of one American family."