A&E unveils plans for Both Worlds


A&E Network will send two TV personalities to Hawaii and Hong Kong for an upcoming reality special. One will go in style, first-class for the
whole trip, while the other budgets and travels coach.

The participants for Best of Both Worlds will be Phil Keoghan, host of
CBS' The Amazing Race, and Alex McLeod, a former host of The Learning Channel's hit,
Trading Spaces.

Best of Both Worlds, slated to air in early 2003, is one of several
upcoming reality-documentary specials on A&E.

On Sept. 23, the network will air It's a Living, a look inside the
workplace for a Las Vegas car dealer and the top Mary Kay Cosmetics salesperson
in Dallas.

Also coming in first-quarter 2003 will be Role Reversal, where three
men and three women undertake a month of living as a member of the opposite