A&E Taps Visible World For Targeted Ads


A&E Television Networks (AETN) will use Visible World’s technology to deliver customized, targeted ads on A&E Network and The History Channel.

The partnership will allow national advertisers to dynamically customize and target commercials in real-time across the two networks to match changing market conditions, audience demographics or the programming context in which the spot appears. Visible World’s "intelliSpot Dashboard" lets advertisers edit their content "on the fly" to swap out video segments, change voiceovers, or modify graphics and titling to match a geographic zone or demographic group.

For example, a financial services company might tweak its spot to reflecting changing conditions in the stock market, or a retailer might modify its promotions based on the latest inventory counts.

"It’s virtually unlimited by the creative execution," says Walt Horstman, VP of channel development for Visible World, who adds that A&E and Visible World are already in the planning stages of launching targeted campaigns with several large advertisers.

New York-based Visible World counts some 13 program networks as customers, including MTV, Fox and TV Guide Channel, and also works with several large cable interconnects to deliver geographically zoned spots.