Advertisers Pitched My ABC


ABC is trying to sell advertisers on its new broadband venture, My ABC.

At the American Association of Advertising Agencies convention in Florida Thursday, ABC ad sales/marketing President Mike Shaw was talking up its new broadband venture, My ABC.

Not to be confused with Fox's new broadcast service My Network TV, My ABC is an Internet streaming service looking to stake out a middle ground between the freedom of VOD, which also means the freedom to skip ads, and the linear broadcast net model. Ad execs have expressed concern that the proliferation of delivery systems is making it harder to track just who is actually watching the ads they buy.

The service, launching soon in test mode, will stream the most recent four episodes of three ABC series online with far fewer ads--only three--than the broadcast versions.

Unlike ABC’s episodes on iTunes, these will be free, but viewers can’t rewind, fast-forward or store them. That way, viewers can't bypass the ads, but there are fewer of them to sit through.

Episodes on ABC’s new broadband venture will have three commercial pods, with just one ad per break.

There will be one at the opening of the show and two breaks within it. The ads could be 30-, 60-, or 90-seconds long, which means the maximum would be four-and-a-half minutes of ads per half hour.

ABC has decided on two shows it will stream, and is close to picking the third, Shaw said.
He said the powerhouse Grey's Anatomy would not be one of them, though Commander in Chief might be.

About 10 advertisers will be involved in the test run of the project.--John Eggerton contributed to this report.