ADverse: Analysts, Cable Execs Say Comcast/NBC Universal Deal Makes Perfect Sense


Investors appear to be giving the cold shoulder to a potential tie-up between Comcast and NBC Universal. Comcast’s stock at midday was
trading down 7.5% at $14.86, against a wider market fall.

Still at least some cable executives think if Comcast does turn talk
into an official bid for NBC Universal it could be the steal of the
century, even at the $35 billion price tag that has been rumored.

One highly placed cable executive observed, “The deal makes all the
sense in the world. Look at Disney. Comparatively it would be a
bargain; a win-win. The answer to the question of whether it’s content
or distribution is, that it’s both.” Comcast made an unsuccessful $66
billion bid for Disney five years ago.

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