Adobe Goes Primetime

Launches "Project Primetime," a new integrated video publishing, advertising and analytics platform for web-connected devices

Adobe Systems, which already provides technologies for handling digital distribution of video to a wide variety of TV companies and studios, has unveiled a new integrated video platform, code named "Project Primetime," that the company believes will greatly improve and simplify the delivery of ad-supported videos to Web-connected devices.

The offering is being rolled out in phases, with Adobe showing off the first features starting today at the IAB Annual Leadership Summit in Miami, Fla. and at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

In the initial phase, Adobe is offering a new "Primetime Highlights" offering that integrates a Web-based video clip editor with the Adobe Auditude ad platform. This enables what Adobe is calling "the industry's first single workflow for creating and monetizing live video clips in real time."

That tool is designed to make quicker and less expensive to produce ad supported clips via an Adobe-provided video player within an existing mobile application or embedded in a web site. In its initial iteration, users can publish video clips to the iPad, with additional platforms being supported in the future.

Looking forward, the Primetime project will expand its functionality to include live long form content and a wide variety of other features that will help users address many of the problems, both technical and financial, currently facing content owners, Adobe executives explained during a briefing.

Major components of Primetime include, Adobe Auditude, its ad management and monetization platform; the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, a group of analytics and optimization products; Adobe Access, which allows for secure delivery of content; Adobe streaming technologies; Adobe Pass authentication technologies; and Primetime Highlights, the new clip publishing tool.

In addition to announcing the new effort to improve the digital distribution of video, Adobe also announced that its Adobe Auditude ad management platform has received the Media Rating Council's (MRC) accreditation of its Digital Video Ad Impression Statistics and that it would now offer expanded support for other formats and standards.

As part of that expanded support, Adobe Access 4 software will now be able to handle native iOS apps and its streaming technologies will support MPEG-DASH standards for streaming multimedia content over the Web.

The Access 4 software already supports the desktop operating systems, apps for Android and connected TVs.