Adelstein Sworn In

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Federal Communications Commission member Jonathan Adelstein was sworn in Tuesday for a new term expiring June 30, 2008. 

The South Dakota native took the oath a private ceremony on Capitol Hill attended by members of Congress and staff. Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle, who hails from Adelstein’s home state, administered the oath.
Senator Trent Lott, R-Miss., also gave remarks. Adelstein said it was a “special honor” to be sworn in by Sen. Daschle. Administering the oath to his former aide was also a bittersweet moment for Daschle, who was defeated in his reelection bid Nov. 2 and  will be leaving office this week after 18 years in the Senate. 
Adelstein, who joined the commission in 2002 to serve the remainder of Gloria Tristani’s term said he was looking forward to fulfilling a full five-year term. 
Because his first term expired June 2003, Adelstein is now 18 months into his new term. Without confirmation of a second term, Adelstein would have been forced to step down this week, when Congress is expected to adjourn for the year