Adelstein Renominated to FCC


As expected, President George W. Bush has has renominated Democratic Federal Communications Commission member Jonathan Adelstein to the remainder of a five-year term expiring June 30, 2008.

The nod came Monday along with 18 other nominations, but Adelstein's name led the list.

Along with the other Democratic commissioner, Michael Copps, Adelstein has been a vocal critic of Republican-majority deregulatory policies, but his future was secured through a quid pro quo between Senate Democrats and the White House as part of a quid pro quo for some judicial and other appointments Congress is expected to sign off on this week (it returned Tuesday for a lame duck session).

Adelstein’s term expired June 2003, but he was permitted to stay until the current Congress convenes.

Sen. Commerce Committee Chairman John McCain had been pressing the White House to add McCain aide Bill Bailey to the package, too, industry sources said, but he was not part of the group of 18 announced Monday.

Before joining the FCC, Adelstein was an aide to Senator Tom Daschle.--Bill McConnell contributed to this report.