Adelstein: Hold those station sales

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Federal Communications Commission member Jonathan Adelstein has reportedly suggested that the agency hold up deregulation-generated network-station acquisitions
until it looks at network ownership of programming.

That was the word Wednesday from Writers Guild of America president Victoria
Riskin, who hosted a press conference on the media-ownership issue with
Hollywood writers, producers and actors.

Adelstein's office had not returned calls at press time.

Riskin said her group will continue to push Congress on the issue of network
control of programming beyond the June 2 vote on ownership rules.

The vote is expected to loosen the rules and trigger a wave of station sales
and clustering.

Riskin said she was encouraged by the suggestion from Adelstein that the FCC
should "not allow the transfer of ownership on any of these stations until we
have completed a proceeding on who has the lion's share of [program]