Adelphia boosts bar bill


Los Angeles bars and restaurants with Adelphia Communications Corp. cable service are facing stiff
rate increases for sports programming.

The MSO recently notified them that rates for certain sports services are
going up.

"These sports networks have mandated that Adelphia adhere to their standard
commercial rates," the MSO told commercial customers, rather than the much lower
residential rates they had been charging.

Adelphia will now offer sports on an a la carte basis.

Beginning next month, bars and taverns will have to pay $24.95 each for ESPN
and ESPN2 and another $12.95 each for ESPNews and ESPN Classic.

Fox Sports World will run $38.95 per month, Fox Sports Net regional service
will cost $69.95 per month and The Golf Channel another $22.95.

That's on top of $39.78 for basic service.

"Larger bars and restaurants can absorb the costs," one cable industry
executive said, adding, "the little guys can't pass the costs on."