ACTV gains second Wolzien patent


ACTV, Inc. has been awarded a second U.S. patent covering "The Wolzien Process," a core ACTV technology that gives users access to enhanced information embedded in a video or audio program.

The new Wolzien patent extends ACTV's coverage of technologies which combine content (such as text, graphics, audio and video) with embedded digital addresses to deliver a tailored, interactive media experience to single or multiple devices. These patents hold important implications for a range of multimedia applications including interactive TV, digital radio, Internet radio broadcasting, streaming video and audio, wireless data and other enhanced media services delivered via PDAs, cellular phones, DVDs, CD-ROMs, VCRs and other devices.

The "Wolzien Process" enables video or audio programs to be enhanced with direct links between TV commercials and the Web. It's named after Tom Wolzien, media analyst with Sanford Bernstein & Co., who invented it. - Richard Tedesco